what's next

Writing Approaching the Speed of Light took over three years, and was such a draining experience that – although I’ve known for some time what I want to write next – I haven’t been able to get back to work for several years. I was also practically and emotionally tangled up in the slow and sad decline of my beloved mother, who finally passed away in July 2016, at the age of 102.

No excuses!, but perhaps a bit of explanation for why, although I have taken copious notes for my next book, I haven’t actually written in a while. I am slowly getting back into it, beginning work now on Secondhand Smoke. It is a story of the unintended, damaging effects to multiple generations of keeping secrets – where, in this case, what is never spoken of is in itself an innocent fact, but the keeping of the secret becomes a growing rot, eating away at the family’s trust, happiness, and self-identity.

I think all fiction writers delve into aspects of themselves in every book they write. And since the story of Secondhand Smoke is based to a considerable degree on my own family’s history, I expect this book will be more of a journey of self-discovery for me than my others. But, as it will also be the always difficult yet always amazing creation of a work of fiction, I am excited to begin!

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