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Approaching the Speed of Light

Under the right circumstances, it is said, even the gentle fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can be enough to start a chain reaction that leads to an unstoppable storm.  In the realm of human behavior, the laws of nature apply as well:  small actions can have huge consequences.  Random twists of fate, transitory acts of kindness -- or cruelty – can shape our destinies.  And our own actions, even those that seem insignificant to us, can affect the people around us -- sometimes in ways we can’t possibly imagine... Read More

Stone Creek

In a small town in upstate New York, a random meeting will offer hope and the chance of love for two lonely people.

Though he still grieves for the young wife he loved and lost, Danny, a widower, knows he must move on for the sake of Caleb, his five-year-old son. Lily has arrived at her summer house, determined to forget her yearning for a child while her high-powered workaholic husband, Paul, remains in New York. Read More


In lyrical, eloquent prose, Hidden marvelously re-creates New York City during the fascinating 1920s in a fierce, compelling story of loyalty, forbidden desire, and the end of innocence. Concealing their passions and innermost thoughts even from those they love most dearly, Victoria Lustbader's characters love, lust, seize power, do battle, and strive to rule themselves and their city during a decade of turmoil at home and abroad. Read More
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