Approaching the Speed of Light
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Under the right circumstances, it is said, even the gentle fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can be enough to start a chain reaction that leads to an unstoppable storm.  In the realm of human behavior, the laws of nature apply as well:  small actions can have huge consequences.  Random twists of fate, transitory acts of kindness -- or cruelty – can shape our destinies.  And our own actions, even those that seem insignificant to us, can affect the people around us -- sometimes in ways we can’t possibly imagine...

Jody is an attractive, likable young man living, working, getting by, in New York City at the tumultuous turn of the millennium.  On the surface, he seems to have it all together:  friends, family, a good job, a steady string of adoring girlfriends.  But a secret childhood history has left Jody scarred and broken inside, lacking faith in the future or in himself.  Like the ceaseless pull of a black hole, his buried secrets have entrapped him for nearly twenty years.  Then, in the space of one fateful week, his trajectory crosses the paths of Ella, Tess, Arwen, and Fern, four very different women who hold out the tantalizing possibilities of happiness, healing, connection . . . or self-destruction.

 Approaching the Speed of Light is a thoughtful, deeply moving tale about the things we cannot leave behind – and how, sometimes, we have to go through the heart of the black hole to come out the other side.

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